Terms & Conditions

One Million Trade provides to its subscribers and users, trading signals and analysis of various financial market assets (Forex, Indexes, Commodities, Etc…) and other trading and investment related services. The use of our services, apps and group websites is governed by these terms and conditions.

Therefore, by registering, using and/or subscribing you are aware of and accept the content of this document.

Art. 1
The financial markets can be a great source of profit but also of loss, never invest what you can not afford to lose. You declare that you are aware of the risks and potential benefits of trading and investing in the financial markets.

Art. 2
You declare that you are aware that risk management is fundamental and that too much exposure to risk can be dangerous.

Art. 3
Our team is committed to providing high quality short/medium/long-term analysis, operative signals, consulting, education and more. But loss is part of trading and you must always follow and respect your personal money and risk management rules. This is really important when you do trading.

Art. 4
You declare that you are responsible for your own actions, our analysis and advice do not obligate you in any way to operate in the market. The information shared by us should be considered for inspiration but the final decision is yours alone. Therefore, One Million Trade, its team and contributors cannot be held responsible for any matter such as loss of money or other liability.

Art. 5
You declare that you are aware that all market forecasts always contain a dose of uncertainty. This means that in the end the decision is always and only up to you. You decide for yourself whether to open or close a position at your own risk based on your own assessments and money management.

Art. 6
You declare that you are aware that the market changes over time, for this reason Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) targets could change from the initial values set at the creation of the trade: for example, a TP and/or SL could be moved. Also a trade could be closed in advance in profit or loss in case of need due to changes in the market. In any case, all changes will be notified to you in real time, through push notifications, if you use our smartphone app. If you have any issues with notifications, please check the notification settings on your device or contact us.

Art. 7
It is strictly forbidden, without written permission, to share the information and content on our site, app and all of our services.

Art. 8
You acknowledge that the information you receive from using our services is for your personal, non-commercial use only. You declare that you will not share our services with third parties.

Art. 9
You acknowledge that certain sections of our site and app are only accessible to subscribers and as long as their subscription is valid or has not expired.

Art. 10
To ensure maximum security, we use only secure payment methods. Your payment will be processed through one of these secure international payment gateways:
– Stripe (a standard for online payments).
Website: https://stripe.com/
– PayPal (world leader in online payments).
Website: https://www.paypal.com/
Your sensitive information will be handled securely by the payment partner you choose. We do not store any sensitive information about your payment methods on our servers.

Art. 11
You agree that purchases of our services are non-refundable as they are digital services that once purchased are immediately available to the user.
In case of problems related to your payments, please contact us immediately and we’ll give you all the support you need.

Art. 12
You are aware that prices for our services may change over time. However, these will not impact your previous purchases.

Art. 13
You are aware that some information about your device is collected. This is necessary for technical reasons and for the proper functioning of our services.

Art. 14
We do not share your personal information with third parties. The use of your sensitive data is limited only to our services.

Art. 15
One of our core principles is that our customers are satisfied with our services. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible to provide you assistance.

Art. 16
To provide a better service, the app could sporadically be momentarily suspended for server maintenance. In case of important updates you must download the new version of our app.

Art. 17
You declare that you are aware that the One Million Trade team reserves the right to block and/or delete an account in case of proven misuse of our service and our app.

Art. 18
You declare that you are aware that the One Million Trade team will take appropriate legal action in all cases of copyright infringement, unauthorized distribution of the information contained in our websites and apps to third parties or any other unlawful use of our services and reserves the right to unilaterally update terms and conditions at any time.

v. 20201219